Saturday, June 16, 2012

ONSTAGE: jamie woon

Randomly one day I started listening to Sufjan Steven's iTunes radio stream, and, just before stepping into the shower, I heard Jamie Woon

Woon's voice sneaks into your ear like a caterpillar, builds itself a warm cocoon, and flies away in a flutter of warm, delicate colors. Both precise and haunting, Woon showcases his shimmering talent in both electronic and acoustic forms. 

He can be gently upbeat, too, like the blanket you reach for when you need a plucky, enduring kind of encouragement on a dreary day. One of my favorite "blanket" songs of his: 

He may have started young, but Woon's ethereal, somehow cheering brand of melancholy seems like it's been with him all along. I'm very grateful for his version of "Wayfaring Stranger," a song I always feel yank hard and beautifully on my heartstrings. 

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