Friday, June 22, 2012

TONGUE IT: spoon cabbage

It's fresh, it's in season, and I've been craving it for weeks. It's bok choy! Good thing I can now get it in local farmers' markets, and don't have to ship it straight from China. 

Bok choy is packed with calcium and vitamins A and C, but it won't pack pounds on your hips--nutritionally, it's as lightweight and good for you as it tastes. 

I found two fat bundles of bok choy at last week's Ballard farmers' market. I popped one bunch immediately into the microwave for a light steaming with soy sauce and a bit of red pepper. Superb. 

The other bundle went promptly into a soba noodle soup (along with boiled egg, broccoli, and pea pods, seasoned with the requisite dollap of Siracha sauce.) 

If the simple soy-sauce or tossing-into-soup methods don't appeal, perhaps this bok choy with cashews dish will do the trick. 

Visually, bok choy is one of my favorite vegetables, and certainly my favorite brassica, for its vibrant shades as much as its striking whites.

Any way I've had it so far, I'm a fan, and find bok choy an excellent way to welcome in the summer while waving 'goodbye' to spring. 

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